5G SENS on a cruise tour!

Our tracker 5G SENS was taken by one of our team to a tracking challenge on board of a giant AIDA cruise ship. And here it performed  precicely as we expected.

It is  of course difficult to get GPS-Positions within your cabin, however  greeting the fjords on deck as well as during the frequent shore leaves it tracked position accurate fast.

Position tracking

It is important to deliver the data into the tracking cloud whenever you have cellular connectivity. This cruise past 4 countries with coverage almost everywhere, because NB-IOT and LTE-M is available in most European countries nowadays. However, there were (seldom) occasions, were the 5G SENS had to fall back on GSM. Good that we have that on board!

Cellular Standards vs. Countries

Our tracker never misses any data, even if no cellular network is availed the data is stored unless the connectivity is restored. However, we discovered, that most of the time the tracker was able to transmit its data,  even far from the shoreline, due to its optimized antenna design. The picture below shows the mainly green for stable wireless coverage.

Green shows that the tracker was able to attach to the cellular network

Days on cruise ship can be very hot and beside the pure GPS-location the sensors of the 5G SENS allow precise condition monitoring. If AIDA would support it we could have configured a automated order of drinks, … maybe if AIDA management reads this, we are ready to provide you with the means for such offerings!

Temperature & Humitity

All cruises end  at some time, unfortunately long before our tracker lost power. The 5G SENS could have cruised for months with the single battery power (voltage chart below). Perhaps next time we have to extend the cruise.

 Surely the 5G SENS will be also useful for many commercial use cases. We are happy to share more details.