Exelonix develops and sells communication products for different markets. Based on modern cloud technology Exelonix provides innovative Internet-of-Things (IoT) Solutions for home automation, security and E-health applications.

Exelonix was founded 2013 as a spin-off from the Vodafone Chair at the University of Dresden and became a pioneer in 5G IoT solutions focussing on device development and integration.

Exelonix is located in Dresden, a city that uniquely combines an over 800 year historic, baroque background with a pulsating high tech multi billion Euro semiconductor businesses that have turned the region into Europe’s number one silicon site.

Public Funded Research Projects

Bauen 4.0

Duration: 08/2019-07/2022


The aim of the project is the research and development of networked construction site processes and machine technologies based on flexible and powerful communication solutions for implementing the Industry 4.0 guiding principles on construction sites. The result is a uniform 5G reference architecture for a heterogeneous building landscape, which, depending on the application, ideally covers the various requirements for wireless networking on the construction site through the flexible use of different access technologies. The consortium is developing suitable localization, recognition, operating and assistance concepts for integrating construction equipment, materials and, in particular, humans into the digitized construction site that is changing as a result, and is developing automation-compatible drive and control technologies for the machines on the construction site.


Secure medical microsystems and communications

Duration: 05/2023-04/2026


In order to accelerate the pace of innovation for intelligent medical instruments and implants, SEMECO wants to revolutionize traditional approval processes with new approaches for system solutions. The focus is on a new combination of sensors, actuators, drive technology and information processing. As part of the Clusters4Future initiative, an ecosystem is being created that opens up the innovation and future potential of the semiconductor and microsystems technology industry for medical technology, harmonizes the legitimate regulatory and safety requirements and develops applications for the market.

The sub-project Q3 of the SEMECO project provides a reliable and trustworthy communication platform for use in the clinical environment and in remote monitoring. A special focus here is the linking of the local radio interface (Bluetooth) and the 5G mobile radio interface in the cloud.



Real-time capable machine learning solutions for resilient and secure 5G/6G networks using the example of automation applications

Duration: 01/2023-12/2024


The overall goal of the EMiL project is the investigation and implementation of machine learning methods for 5G/6G network analysis and defense against attacks using the example of automation applications. Exelonix maintains the demonstrator and develops new approaches for detecting connection problems in IOT solutions and strategies for using alternative radio interfaces to compensate for these problems.




Duration: 11/2023-10/2025


M/EDGE will develop an electronics platform for highly integrated medical edge intelligence and implement it as a prototype on a common technological core. Exelonix will focus on the implementation of an EDGE platform and in particular the wireless connection of the medical sensors and the EDGE platform to the cloud.