LPWA-Modem for device monitoring

Connect devices like a ticket validator to the cloud via a standardized cellular wireless networks. Simple retro-fit with USB Connect LPWA and get insight in performance and alerts when service is interrupted.


A cellular modem purpose-built for IoT development with single board computer compatibility. USB Connect LPWA can connect your devices with your cloud.

Simple retrofit solution, that lets spend less time on connectivity management and more time on your core product.

With a wide range of supported hardware and open source drivers foe Winows and LINUX, USB Connect LPWA is adaptable to most development stack.

No need to perform complete CE-RED certification tests ensures short time-to-market and saves development resources. An external antenna is supported for applications where the device is located in a shielded housing.

Customer Benefits

  • Small form factor
  • Standard USB interface
  • Fast software integration


  • Industry
  • IT companies
  • Automation
  • Telematic