Digitalization of medium-voltage distribution networks

Faults in medium-voltage distribution networks are usually detected using short-circuit and earth-fault indicators. The faster this happen, the quicker network can be restored. Efficient remote monitoring of the short-circuit and earth-fault indicators prevents time-consuming troubleshooting and inspection trips.


Short-circuit and earth-fault indicators such as Horstman’s Sigma D++  offer remote signaling contacts, but often they are not used at all. The 5G SENS GPIO can read the status of these potential-free permanent or wiping contacts and transmit their status to a cloud server. This makes it possible to locate the fault with pinpoint accuracy. With this data, the consequences for network customers can be minimized and eliminated as quickly as possible.

5G SENS GPIO Solution

Customer Benefit of the 5G SENS GPIO Solution

  • Plug & play installation
  • Simple retrofit solution for existing systems
  • Battery-powered to ensure operation even in the event of a power failure
  • Almost no maintenance
  • Battery life of several years
  • Quick localization of network faults
  • Minimization of the grid failure 
  • Reduction in network downtime


Medium-voltage distribution network operator


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