Environmental Monitoring

5G SENS based continuous monitoring of environmental measurements, such as:

  • Air and soil temperature
  • Soil moisture
  • Air pressure


SMT100 is a world class soil moisture sensor with outstanding accuracy for demanding applications in science and precision agriculture. The sensor is connected to a 5G SENS based data logger with a RS485 interface.

Measurement intervals can be configured remotely. Additionally, GNSS-Position and a 3-D position sensor is available. Data logger provides a weatherproof, UV- and impact resistant, IP65 protected housing for different use cases.

Data is transferred very power efficient via low power wide area networks  LTE-M or NB-IOT into the cloud. This allows more than 5000 measurements with six AA battery pack.

Customer Benefits

  • Reliable soil moisture sensor
  • Long battery lifetime
  • Best cellular coverage
  • Additional GPS-Location


  • Farmer
  • Forrest Owner
  • Researcher


Moisture Sensor SMT 100


“Waldwächter” project is using this solution: