Field test for a Corona-Warn-Alternative started

The Corona Warn App (CWA) is a big success in Germany and a powerful tool to fight the COVID-19 pandemic efficiently. However large part of the population is excluded from this efficient infection tracing, simply because they are not using the newes generation of smartphones. A smart alternative to the existing Corona-Warn-App is as small as a car key that has been developed by a consortium of Digades GmbH, FEP GmbH, Barkauseninstitut and Exelonix GmbH. This small autonomous device can be carried along easily and carries no personal data (as the smartphone does), but operates in the same way as the Corona Warn App. This Corona Warn Buzzer will be tested in the field. Up to 2,500 test persons have the chance to tparticipate in the real-world trial in Augustusburg, Saxony.

Interest in the Corona Warn Buzzer?

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