Digitization of manually operated industrial valves

Manually operated valves require to be regularly checked and controlled. Reliable information on valve status provides the basis for optimum decisions, efficiency, safety and avoids spillage. This can be facilitated efficiently by digitization.

5G SENS with the Firmware configuration VALVE can provide this insight.


Attaching the 5G SENS VALVE Sensor to the hand wheel or lever of a manual valve, it can monitor the position (open or closed) of the valve in real-time. An initial calibration is required after installation. Thereafter the sensor provides the close or open state change of multi-turn valves.

The sensor rests in a battery-saving deep-sleep mode, as long some status change is noticed. It wakes-up and monitors the changes and transmits the result to the cloud, before the sensor goes to sleep again.

Sensor operation is optimized to provide years of operation with a single battery. Data is transmitted via LTE-M or NB-IOT. Both cellular standards provide the best coverage also at remote locations.

Along with the valve status, GPS-Location and temperature is available.

The cloud backend offer different dashboards to analyze the valve status including an overview of all installed sensors with:

  • Map with sensor positions
  • Valve status information

A “Click-on” more detailed dashboard offers more insight:

  • Status history
  • Battery status information
  • Cellular coverage information

All information can be send to the production process information system via standard REST-interfaces.

Customer Benefits

  • Compact device
  • Use cellular network for communication (no LoRa network needs to be maintained)
  • E2E security
  • ATEX certified


5G SENSE VALVE allow manual valve position monitoring in the following Industries:

  • Oil and gas rafineries
  • Chemicals
  • Food and beverages
  • Pharma
  • Water/waste water