Track ‘n Trace valuable assets

Our asset tracking and monitoring solution help you to monitor the location, temperature and humidity of your goods as they move, almost anywhere.


5G SENS is able to track the position of assets in real time. In outdoor scenarios GNSS is used for localization. In indoor scenarios the 5G SENS sends iBeacon signals, that can be identified by BLE-based indoor position systems.

5G SENS offers following sensors temperature, humidity, air pressure, 3D acceleration, light for condition monitoring.

Firmware modifications allow to modify monitoring of assets according to your individual needs.

Get right to the data you need to solve those challenges with the 5G SENS. The solution is built to tackle many different IoT use cases, from tracking mobile assets to monitoring an indoor environment.

Periodic messages and/or motion-triggered Messages can be configured individually via the device management (periodic messages can also be restricted to a time slot per day).

Cellular networks provide worldwide coverage for seamless tracking of goods, based on NB-IoT and LTE-M. For countries, without these 3GPP Networks, the tracker offers a GPRS fallback.

5G SENS offers connectivity and GNSS positioning along with low power technology for long battery operation. More than 5.000 Messages can be achieved with a single battery filling. Remote configuration allows tailoring the number of device messages to the needs of the practical use case.

There are two ways to connect external sensors to 5G SENS, via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)  or via 4 GPIO ports simply accessible via a specific  USB-C cable

The 5G SENS transmits the data into a time-domain data base, which allows for easy-to-use dashboard modification for individual use cases.

Sensor data can be displayed and analyzed. Alert-messages can be configured, based on sensor data.

A REST API provides the means to integrate 5G SENS in your cloud backend. Currently 5G SENS already supports:

  • Cloud of Things (by Deutsche Telekom)
  • Leoworx Asset Tracking
  • Cumolocity (by Software AG)
  • Vodafone

Customer Benefits

  • 6 sensors on board
  • Small form factor
  • Long battery life
  • World-wide coverage
  • Bluetooth functionality (BLE)
  • Flexibility to adapt the device for different use cases


  • Industry
  • Transportation & logistic