Exelonix 5G SENS offers tracking of assets and their conditions in a compact flat device.

Six Senses Monitoring: Six Sensors for temperature, humidity, air pressure, 3D acceleration, light & location enable monitoring of assets conditions according to your individual needs. Get right to the data you need to solve those challenges with the 5G SENS. The solution is built to tackle many different IoT use cases, from tracking mobile assets to monitoring an indoor environment.

Connectivity: Cellular networks provide worldwide coverage for seamless tracking of goods, based on NB-IoT and Cat-M1. For countries, without these 3GPP Networks, the tracker offers a GPRS fallback.

Long Battery Lifetime: Based on the Qualcomm 9205 chipset 5G SENS offers connectivity and GNSS positioning along with low power technology for long battery operation. Preconfigured Power Save Modes are available for a long battery lifetime. Remote configuration allows tailoring the device messages to the needs of the practical use case.

External Sensors: There are two ways to connect external sensors to 5G SENS, via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)  or via 4 GPIO ports simply accessible via a specific  USB-C cable

Typical applications:

Applications with low data consumption :

  • Asset Tracking (outdoor & indoor)
  • Asset Condition Monitoring
  • Power Monitoring
  • Alerting
  • External Sensor Data Upload
  • Proximity Tracing