Exelonix 5G SENS GPIO can minimize outage in low-voltage distribution grids

Locating short-circuit and earth fault in local grid distribution grids is traditionally a time-consuming tasks. These are usually done by reading out shortcircuit and earth fault indicators located within the (often remote) local power nodes. The quicker the information is available at the control center, the sooner the power supply can be restored and penalty payments remain low.
Efficient remote monitoring of the short circuit and earth fault indicators prevents time-consuming troubleshooting and manual inspection by staff. The 5G SENS GPIO can read out the status of these potentialfree permanent or wipe contacts and transmit them to a cloud server and the control center. This makes it possible to localize the fault within seconds. With this information at hand, the consequences for network customers can be minimized and remedied as quickly as possible.

Simple Installation

  • Plug & Play retrofit solution for existing systems
  • Operation even in the event of a power outage, as it is battery-operated
  • Battery life of several years

Cellular Connectivity

  • Based on 5G mobile networks
  • Best network coverage through NBIoT (much better than GSM)
  • Coverage enhanced by roaming between multiple national networks
  • Functional safety ensured by automated functional testing  (daily heartbeat)
Result: Shorter Outage
  • Avoids of time-consuming manual troubleshooting
  • Rapid localization of network faults
  • Minimization of outage


5G SENS GPIO Compact


  • 4 GPIO contacts (ready to connect to one shortcircuit and ground-fault detector)
  • Internal antenna
  • Supported cellular standards: NBIoT, CatM, GSM
  • Additional sensors: temperature sensor & humidity
  • GNSS Positioning during boot-up
  • Power supply: 3AA batteries
  • Runtime up to 5000 messages
  • Protection class: IP40 (protection against accidental contact)
  • Size: 90x58x34 mm


  • USBC to MSTB (Phoenix Contact)
  • MSTB on cable with ferrules
  • Clip Mount (incl. strain relief)
  • Batteries (Energizer AA Lithium Ultimate)
  • SIM card incl. IOT tariff (60month term)




  • 8 GPIO contacts (ready to connect up to two shortcircuit and ground fault indicators)
  • RS485 (Modbus RTU) for monitoring
  • Additional sensors: Temperature sensor
  • GNSS positioning when switched on
  • Internal antenna
  • Cellular standards: NBIoT, CatM, GSM
  • Power supply:
    • Batteries 6AA , runtime up to 10,000 messages
    • External power supply 5V
  • Protection Class: IP65 (complete protection against accidental contact, dustproof, protected against water jets from any direction)
  • Size: 200x120x60 mm


  • Batteries (Energizer AA Lithium Ultimate)
  • SIM card incl. IOT tariff (60month term)